The Right Priorities

The City of Claremont, NH should focus on its core functions - infrastructure, public safety, and essential services. Budgets must be balanced and focused on providing improved street, water, sewer and public safety services. Fiscal responsibility is key!

The City of Claremont should focus on its core functions – infrastructure, public safety, and essential services. Budgets must be balanced and focused on providing improved street, water, sewer, and public safety services.

  • Citizens should keep as much of our hard-earned money as possible.
  • I will be a conservative council member for taxpayers who will fight to keep taxes low, streamline government, and reduce spending wherever practical without loss of service, and hold the city administration accountable to the taxpayers in Claremont, NH. 

  • Potholes are a symptom of poor financial management and irresponsible budgetary policies.
  • I will seek creative, cooperative solutions to ensure our infrastructure is not allowed to crumble.

  • A free enterprise system based on individual initiative and incentives is a requirement for a strong local economy.
  • I will encourage the best possible business climate for economic development and the creation of good jobs and work to streamline the burdensome, antiquated permitting processes that stifles smart growth.
  • Citizen safety is the City of Claremont’s top priority.
  • I will fight to ensure public safety officers receive appropriate and adequate compensation and benefits and the proper equipment to do their jobs. I will fight to support an increased police presence in our neighborhoods and on our streets and also advocate ending policies that limit the role law of enforcement officers in enforcing immigration laws.
  • Councilor Stone Will Never support making Claremont "welcoming community" (Sanctuary City) and tie the hands of local law enforcement from working with Federal Immigration Authorities to ensure public safety.
  • The private sector should be an integral partner in the efficient performance of city services.
  • I support reviewing services which may be privatized for effectiveness and efficiency and will monitor smooth transitions to the private sector, or partnering with other municipalities or neighboring counties. 

  • Private property rights must be protected from excessive taxation, excessive regulation, and government waste.
  • I will fight to ensure that property owners are fairly represented in city decisions.
  • A strong renovated historic downtown district and even stronger neighborhoods are vital to our continued growth and quality of life.
  • I support City's code enforcement and neighborhood beautification projects. 
  • Government should promote, not prevent, an environment conducive to supporting strong families.
  • I will take the action necessary at City Hall to boldly support our families. 
  • The strength of Claremont lies in the optimism and entrepreneurial spirit of our citizenry.
  • I will work to ensure opportunities abound for all citizens of Claremont.
  • We must all invest our time and effort in our community.
  • I will continue to be an active citizen who serves causes I believe in and will work to promote community involvement among all citizens of Claremont.
  • Will continue to work towards ensuring transparency in city government
  • Government serves the people; People do not serve government.
  • I encourage public input and public attendance at city council meetings