Jonathan Stone


St. Mary's School
Stevens High School
Hesser College


Family Man



Law Enforcement

City of Claremont

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From Claremont, For Claremont Community

Jonathan F. Stone, State Representative, Sullivan District 8, possesses the unique qualities the citizens of Sullivan District need- integrity, vision, leadership, and independence.  He is a bold thinker and natural leader who will be a part of solutions our city needs. 

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City Councilor

As a former city councilor Jonathan believes that the city counsel should serve as the governing body as established by Claremont's City Charter, empowering citizens to raise our families, perform our jobs, and enjoy our lives. He feels that city government and city services should be open and accessible to the entire community, that city services should be performed in the most efficient and effective manner possible, and that citizens should receive the greatest value for our tax dollars.  Jonathan firmly believes that a City Council Member is first and foremost a public servant and must have respect for, and responsibility to, the citizens of Claremont. 

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Lifetime Resident

Jonathan is a life-time resident of Claremont with family history that dates back over 100 years, property owner and is the co-owner of a local business. He has worked over the last 24 years for Sullivan County Department of Corrections, State of NH-Judicial Branch, City of Claremont Police Department and the State of Vermont-Department of Corrections. Jonathan actively serves in the Vermont State Employees Association and previously served on contract negotiation with AFSCME Local 3657 giving him valuable experience in to collective barging. Jonathan will put these qualities to work effectively representing the citizens of Ward III.

Jon & Son

From Claremont, For Claremont

Jonathan attended St. Mary Catholic School, Stevens High School, Hesser College, NH Police Standards & Training, State of Vermont Corrections Academy and numerous in-service training. His business experience and first term as a city councilor as helped him understands budgets, financial statements, and fiscal reports and will use these skills to ensure a conservative approach to taxes with city services.